Color Copies

Color Copies
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Color Copies

Copytron has been serving local Orange County customers for over 20 years! When your business needs fast, top-quality full-color prints, look no further than Copytron. If you need a run of 10 copies or 10,000 copies, we can provide you with SAME DAY delivery of your copies.

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Color Copies

Color Copies   (Reg. Color Copies)
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Ink: C75
Form ID: Reg. Color Copies
  1. ?

    How many sheets of paper do you want in your finished document / file? One-sided or two-sided shouldn't be considered for this question.

  2. ?

    How many copies (sets) do you want made of your document / packet?

  3. *Size:

  4. *Sides:

  5. *Stock:

  6. Project Details:

  7. NOTE: Same Day and Next Day turnarounds require that files are ready to print and are sent to us before 10 am PST. Orders received after that will carry over to the following business day.
  8. Choose your finishing options:
  9. Artwork Bleed(?):


    Bleed is where print touches the edge of the paper. This is created by printing an oversized image on a larger sheet then cutting to the required size.

  10. NOTE REGARDING BLEED: Please note that the "Artwork Bleed" option is NOT AVAILABLE for documents in which the artwork reaches the very edge of the selected sheet size when 20 lb multipurpose paper is selected.

    Any artwork submitted with this option must have a minimum of 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch of additional artwork for bleed and must be submitted as a press/print ready document (e.g. Adobe PDF format, TIF, JPG, etc.). Copytron does not create bleed for the art and must already exist within the digital document before being submitted.

  11. Cutting:

  12. Score Only:

  13. Folding:

  14. Upload Files:

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