Keep your company in front of customers' eyes with a custom calendar. Calendar printing is a powerful way to make sure your business or brand is seen by dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people each and every day.

  • Using full-color photos? Make them pop on premium glossy paper and cover stock!
  • Looking to liven sales? Plan a promotion for each month and incorporate it into your calendar design.
  • Build a calendar around your customer base. Highlight important dates and holidays specific to your customers to provide a valuable resource they can't live without.


    Welcome to Copytron! We've been in the business of printing in Anaheim for over 20 years and hope to continue serving our customers in giving you the most personalized experience around. You can place your order using our secure online form below or call us Monday through Thursday, 8 AM - 6 PM or Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM PST for assistance with your online ordering. We are also happy to answer any questions via our contact page.

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  4. When submitting photos, please make sure your photos are high resolution photos. If you're not sure how it will look if your photo is enlarged try to print a single photo. If the photo ends up larger than 8.5" x 11" and is still clear you're okay. If image prints less than half a sheet size then you may want to retake or scan your photo at a higher resolution. (Photos are printed AS IS. So please make any necessary adjustments before sending us your files.) If you have any questions please feel free to call us or e-mail us here at the office.
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